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#1 Your name, miss?
Ehem. Born given name Noorhidayah J. Masa Chinese school was called Dayah, at SMK K called Dayah or Dayz, kat U called Dayah/Nor,  nama kampong Aewi or Nur, kat office kene panggil Noor *sometimes NUR sebab bertrip NurKasih* and among families Girl or Aewi. Closest friends usually goes with Dayz, macamlah cool sangat. Bob panggil Sayang,Baby,Chenta,Nur,Girl, Aewi,Dayah or what-so-ever depends on his mood.
# 2 Family Background.
The only daughter that Faridah M and Jinal J had, ekeke The  other 3 evils are my younger brother; Didi, Ainal & Ai. We recently add two new family members; my husband Bob and my sis-in-law,Zu. Maksudnya saya ada dua adik lelaki bujang yang pandai masak dan gentleman serta baik hati. Bodek macam mereka baca belog ini.  Add on my new families; Husband’s family. Thanks god my new families none differ than mine.
#3 Educational Background.
From SRJK (c) Kin Kiau, Kinarut to SMK Kinarut and Universiti Tun Abdul Razak, PHEW! ! Not so fresh graduates la, but I have only two certificates in hand; my foundation in IT and Degree in Info.Tech (Hons) with major in Multimedia. Aiya, talking bout this crap, where did I put all my original Cert?? Did I lose it? DAMN.
#4 Love Background.
Aiik, ini pun ada meh? Lets just say I’ve been through such a long and painful journey before I get to where I proudly stand now. Those stitches always remind me of those gloomy days. Next!
#5 Friends.
Iyah, friends always cheering me up. Sebut friend sahaja sudah gembira. HAHA A good friend is the one that pandai marah bila kau buat salah, tapi ada di situ bila kau nangis,dengan kata-kata I Told You So. Dan, selalu ada untuk selamanya ^_^ Cakap macam budak-budak, buat orang muntah baca kau tulis. U think u still that sweet 16 ka, Dayz?? Defend to myself; I’m always 16 at heart, and sometimes face too.
# 5 Working Life
Currently working as a Training Coordinator for AMC College and can be cum-cum to assistant trainer, trainer, designer, editor, cleaner, driver, buruh kasar, u named it. Normal stuff when you’re in private sector. My Our job is to ensure all the ICT training can be run smoothly in our respective zones. Imagine u have to handle an average of 8 classes per day, more-less 32 classes every week. Not just coordinating, but heavily involved with planning the schedule, assigning the trainer, promoting, recruiting students and paper works, not to forget REPORT part T_T Report, kau buat saya nangis tiap bulan. Overall, you’ll see a lot of me cursing here and there in this belog. Well, for record, I don’t speak those darn word in real world, hanya di belog sahaja. In real life, I must say, I quite demure. Bwekk.
# 6 Future Planning.
Of course I want the best in everything. Tapi, bila ekonomi dah agak stabil, mungkin mempertimbangkan:
-sebuah kereta (saya sayang Atoz, tapi sudah agak tidak sesuai T_T),
-sebuah rumah sendiri (semua ada impian ini)
-2 pasang kids. (2x 2= 4, ceh buat kiraan math pula.)
-better job with higher salary


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