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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Don’t Get Offended Easily


I have been so loud about this. Said so.


We all are applied to this shift thing. The boss asked whether we’re willing to do the shift, because he/she don’t want us to do if we’re not willing for it. Good enough for the boss to ask.


My opinion is simple; When I applied for this job, I already been told there’s a rotation for each staff. During interview, I have been told of this rotation things. So, I already set in my mind that being in shift is part of the job. That’s why I never complaint. If I refuse to be on shift rotation what so ever, I wont sign the appointment letter. If I don’t agreed on the rotation thingy, I would just simply reject the offer and look for other job with no shift.


As simple as that, kan.


But now,

after months/years of work, why now want to complaint?




PS : I remember before this, when I obliged 5S, I was told ‘ If you cant comply, resign and find other job’. Padahal 5S is not in my JD, tapi refer to appointment letter, it stated there employee must follow company rules so I have to agree lah kan. In this ‘shift’ case, they should apply the same rules mah, ‘you cant comply with the shift, resign and find other job’.

PSS : Don’t complaint much on this lah, that lah, sedangkan ini tempat kita cari rezeki. Buruk manapun, tiap-tiap bulan earning boss bayar. Ini duit yang kita makan bah. Sekali sekala ‘bising’ ok lah, jangan balik-balik. Asyik kau je nak di-puas hati-kan.

PSSS : Yeah. We’re paid based on what we  (works) do. But, have you ever thanked the company for employing you out of thousand jobless people out there? No. That’s the fact. Be thankful =)

PSSSS : I have my own issue too, tapi let just said sometimes we need to look into the matter via ‘management’ eyes, not the kuli eyes (like us) . Takpayah lama, 3 bulan kemudian, belum tentu kita masih kerja sini, tapi boss 3 tahun kemudian pun dia masih disini. Ini company dia. Jangan lupa.


My colleagues for sure gonna kill me after read this. Chill bah =)

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