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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One Word : HELL!


Sometimes I feel disappointed with the boss.


When they assigned me a task, I never complaint. Straight away doing it. Trying, though deep inside I ever thought I may not be able to accomplish it. But, hey at least I’m trying, kan. I am the kind of person whom never say ‘no’. Throw anything at me, macamana sukar pun, aku buat. It’s a process of learning kan. I’m no good in giving excuses.


So, when this afternoon, boss assign me to do a task, a new task, as usual I did not say ‘no’. I just said I couldn’t be able to do it straightaway. I have many in hand already. Yesterday Trainer minutes must be done and upload to google docs within three working days. She said she don’t trust other to do it, since I’m better at this. Lagi tahu apa mau tulis apa mau tapuk. I have April’s Claim Report to be submit by today. June Schedule must be upload in website by this week (its 65% done). Manpower for June must released within this week, if possible. I have several marketing to do, need to keep emailing the participant to approach them for our program (yes, May participation a bit slow. Blame the festive season.) And tomorrow we have this GBT Meeting, I haven't start jotting any report yet. I want it all to be done before I cuti this 18 to 21 May. Adding salt to injury, I was send to attend a training in Likas Square this Thursday. Full Day lagi tu, ambik kau. Maksudnya, aku cuma ada hari ni dan esok saja untuk siapkan semua ni. Die. Penat ahad tu belum hilang lagi tau. Kaki aku masih sakit.


Berbalik pada cerita asal. Jadi, aku minta supaya due date untuk task baru ni pada 24hb. Rejected. Boss asked me to complete it asap juga. Oh that macam lah. When other people merungut kerja banyak, terus kerja dia pass bagi orang lain, but when mine is like that, no compromi lah. Why? Because you guys see I never complaint, I never merungut, I never lost my temper, I never cried cengeng-ly here, you guys thought I can swallow it all now lah. Aku pun penat juga, banyak kerja juga, just because aku tidak pernah lost my temper or even cry of work loads  tidak bermaksud I am okay with all this. Should I cry hardly bila kena marah, or should I mengamuk kasi teriak participants or any other staff baru you guys tahu I am stressed out?? Gila betul.


I know you guys treat me like that, keep on pushing me doing this and that, because you know I’m strong. That I am capable of doing it. That I can do anything. That, there’s NOTHING this staff cant do.


Want me to complete as scheduled? Can bah, tapi kurangkan cari aku, kurangkan bercakap bertanya sama aku boleh?! Ini tidak tanya pasal bas pun tanya aku. Urus sendiri lah. Bukan urusan aku itu. I wanna have this kind of attitude from now. Calculative and self centered. Aku cuma mahu buat kerja aku dan yang berkait sama aku. Yang lain boleh go to hell.


How I can complete all this on time when you guys sibuk saja assign me with this and that. You know what, I have three other organisations yang belum gerak because I also have other thing to do here, not just calling some other people when I’m not the Marketing Officer here! So, my plan is; just finish apa termampu, khamis pulang kerja.. block semua nombor office.. naik AK 5103.. babai work for 4 consequences day. Hoho HEAVEN!


Till then. This is work related rambling. Aku punya kesabaran mahu habis sudah. Tinggal satu bar. Tolong faham.

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