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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Oh April!


When people asked me, what you do next week? I know they expect me to be available on weekend lettew. But but, rasanya untuk April ini, weekend aku sudah penuh. Sehingga May, kot ;)


7-8 Apr : KCCCC for Ipad class. I was sent to handle the session for two consecutive days from noon til evening.

14-15 Apr : Still in KCCCC for the Ipad class. Another group.

21-22 Apr : S41 Anti-dadah PAC at PUSPA Kimanis. Wish me luck.

28-29 Apr : Teaching for Word Class.

5-6 May : No special event yet, tapi rasanya akan mulai berkampung di Kawang untuk minggu itu.

12-13 May : Husb' brother wedding day [Pas and Nida], and my bff; Elmo-Kerel's wedding day too ;)

18-21 May : Will be in KL, celebrating my 27th Birthday with husb ;)

28 May : Our second wedding anniversary ;)

June : Somewhere in June is AMC Silver Jubilee Celebration. Akan ada Gala Nite. I'm one of the commitee (I think so.)


Eh, no need to ask Mon-Fri lah hoh. Of course I works 8.30 to 5.30. I hope this April, my attendance is better. Mind you, we have strict rules of punctuality. So, please lah no more late come to office, Dayz. I pun tatau lah, I tidur sharp je jam 9 tiap malam, tapi bangun tersasar juga. Astaga. So, secara rasminya; misi April ialah mesti sampai awal ke office. Ayy ayy captain.


PS : Aku risau menyebut April. Aku harap aku tidak mengganggu hati sesiapa. Tabah tauu.

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