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Friday, February 03, 2012

Saja Cari Pasal.


First of all. Aku banyak kerja. Sangat banyak. Sebab tu last entry was on Monday. Itu pun pasal Jack’s accident. Oh ya, Jack has been transferred to Keningau Hospital kelmarin. We managed to get there just before he’s get into ambulance. Kak Tiny also came, with Yayan. Kebetulan they also went there to visit another friends, juga patah kaki. Jack’s operation went well, but the bad news is the other victim (the Mac2(?) driver yang hit dia) masih dalam keadaan koma (as 02/02/12). Lets just pray the uncle can make it.


Actually, masa aku menulis ini di permulaan, I was really upset with the boss. Ada perasaan mahu taip notice 24 jam resign sudah tadi. But, hey I am not a quitter. Lebih lagi pasal benda remeh begini mahu resign. Come on lah. Kejap aku cerita. Kamu baca sampai habis tau. Aku tulis tajuk pun dengan rasa amukan membara jew,Tapi, bila aku teringat (ketika aku menulis) kejadian yang menimpa keliks aku itu, fikiran aku terseleweng dan tidak jadi marah. Bhahaha


Semuanya sebab boss suruh Kok bagi NCR kalau aku ada red tags lagi. Cuba kamu fikir, tidakkah ini menjejaskan perasaan kamu kalau kau di tempat saya? Kesalahan nya itu, yak ampun bukan apa sangat pun. Contoh ya, usb cable TERLUPA cabut lalu ada di atas meja (Reason for red tags : Unallowed items on desk). Lagi ah. Cebisan kertas di WIP drawer (Messy? Not allowed?). Lagi lagi ah, yang terbaru. Ada highlighter di tempat berlabel marker. ADA HIGHLIGHTER DI TEMPAT BERLABEL MARKER yang telah melanggar kesalahan berikut, items not according to label. LIKE HELL!!! Eh, tolonglah bukan marker tu di situ company bankrap kan. Terus aku mahu di bagi NCR. Ya, lepas tu nanti bonus hujung tahun terjejas lagi. Eh, as I remembered I tak masuk kerja sini untuk jadi cleaner what so ever tauu.


So, are you saying I don’t have to do my works here, and just jaga barang I je. Pastikan tiada kotoran. Pastikan tiada pen ter letak di tempat pensil. Well, we’re working here, sekali dua tersasar memang lah kan. Tapi, don’t you guys think that this is too much? I believe yang pengasas 5S tu pun mungkin akan gelak tau knowing that we’re doing this so damn hard macam ni. I mean, I myself struggling much to bersihkan ni semua.


I did not say this 5S idea is suck. Its GOOD practising it. What I mean harus lah berpada-pada. Banyak kebaikan 5S ni, contoh nya workstation akan jadi lebih kemas dan teratur. All items ada ownership, so any faulty can be detected easily. Since ada label, its easy to find items. I did not deny that. But, please put some considerable and have a kind hearts before you simply red-tagging anyone else. I mean if sipi-sipi tu tolonglah just advice us, no need to be so cruel. Please lah remember that one of your action tu boleh mengubah nasib orang lain.


When my bonus been cutted down last year, because I have the most red-tags of all, I feel crap and so disappointed. Macam semua usaha aku keluar marketing tengah panas dapatkan students untuk attend class to fulfill AMC 15,000 allocated seats burnt begitu sahaja dek kerana my slippers terkeluar dari parking lot nya. You guys have no idea how suck and tiring it was to go for marketing (especially when it’s not in your JD pun). HAVE A HEART, PEEPS. Please pity me. I don’t get paid enough to do all my jobs, and now you guys’ judgement has affected my bonus/increment, and the worst part, IT HAS AFFECTED MY FEELING TO WORK HARD. Sedih kan? T__T



Nevermind lah. I don’t think you guys would understand how does it feels.


PS : The other reason I kinda pissed off today, is the boss. The boss sms-ed me at 9.30pm last night. Asked me to call this company manager Mr D about the ICT class. Asking me to brief him. And other few companies named. I replied, these company x and company y has been approached before. They did not have enough staff to send in group, but will advise them to come individually. Then, the boss replied, okay but please call Mr D. He’s waiting for your call tomorrow. Sounds urgent, kan? You bet. After Mr D been called, I update the boss, something like this, ‘already brief him. He said fax the detail next week.’ What I did not update is Mr D sounds busy, in a hurry, don’t feel like talking much during phoned and reluctant to give address. And, might I said less interested as well? Barang percuma begini orang kaya mana mahu. Then, you know what the boss replied, ‘Cases like this you should ask for their email. This is his email’ SO??! kalau kau sudah ada email dia what the hell lagi you want us to call him? Hairan lah saya, kalau dah kawan baik dia apasal dia tak hint sendiri jew. I’m sick of entertaining boss’ friend.


FionaHafiz said...

instead of bagi NCR on small little details, why not dia tolong simpan the marker, the usb cable or at least put it aside ka macamana. heyy your staff bukan robot.

Dayz J said...

SEE? Thats what I mean. That small little things is forgivable. No one would dead if I forgot or missed to keep it kan. Macam bodoh tau aku rasa.


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