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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WordLESS Wednesday: How Cool We Were.


I went through our old photos. And cant stop laughing on how madness and crazy my colleagues were/are. Our friendship didn’t end even after we left the company; it lasts longer. Read thru the comments. Damn funny.











Funny, isnt it? So, just now we’re having our GBT Meeting. The first without Jack. The first with new colleagues, Nesly. Guess it must be hard for Nesly to replace Jack. Not that hard for us to accept him. We need to move on. In the middle of the meeting, Mr Paul asked us..


Mr Paul: Eh, did any of you guys dreamt of Jack?

All : No..

Mr Paul : I had this dream of him. Saya teringat termimpi kami main terup di Retreat Ranau last year bah.

Me : Maybe he’s angry because Mr Paul tidak datang his funeral.

Ms Ginny : Maybe he’s looking for you since you did not came to visit him.

Laughing. Yes, of course we hurt and sad.


PS: I think Mr Paul missed Jack so much. Maybe, he felt regret did not make it to his funeral.


For sure, he understand, Mr Paul.

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