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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Kecilnya Dunia

Assalammualaikum and hai.

When I talked about my past, I hope nobody hurts.
I just want to share some story je.

Few years back, I had a big fight with this one girl.
For some, I guess you know why lah kan :)

Recently, I just found out something funny.
Lets just say, I know her and her family because we're quite related.

Case 1, during our Pizza Day Out, okay fineee not our, only me and another bff,
I happened to see her wedding photos (remember, we're quite related?)
So, I just spoke with Adeq, and show her the photos, she looked at me, puzzled.
She said a few infos, and I said yeah I think so, why?
She told me, that girl was her staff back in Bestmart days.
Whoaa! I shocked. My former hatred was my bff's staff before?
They knew each other?

Case 2, I saw a mutual friend of us 'like'd my another bff's photos (of us).
I thought maybe her schoolmate or what. The next day I saw bff's carrying that mutual friend kiddo.
Whoaa! Apa ini? It turned out, that mutual friend was my bff's husb' first cousin.
Whaaat? Apa ini apa ini apa ini??

Who would have thought these.
Who would have thought that these could happened.
Adeq was one of my big supporter during my down time.
Aku terkejut lah dia tak pernah nampak muka orang tu.
Seriously aku takpernah bagi nampak meh?
Tapi aku macam pernah tanya whether dia kenal or tak, since Adeq pun ada saudara di sana (me too, but.. ahh nevermind lah)

People in case 2, I am quite sure I never asked her, but I think she knew the story,
Sebab masa tu banyak yang pinjamkan telinga dan bahu untuk aku, banyak yang bagi sokongan sama aku, so aku pasti people #2 ni tahu.
Aima pun tahu ni, tapi ingat ingat lupa la kali, sebab lama sudah kan.

Aku pun terkejut lah sebenarnya. Sebab I did not expected this.
Banyak benda aku tahu after that, and sebenarnya kami ni dekat sahaja.
Tapi tak pernah berjumpa.

Paling kelakar, aku rasa macam ni,
I've seen her photos, she's saw mine,
We've known each other voice,
knows each other location, each other house, each other siblings,
but never bumped into each other?
Pernah plan mau jumpa tapi tiada 'rezeki' jumpa (kalau jumpa kali pasti berantakan, kahkah)
Hafal suara, sebab tiap minggu berteriak satu sama lain.
But yet we never met? Really?
I am so very sure that we have must been met before somewhere, tapi kita tak sedar.

Lagi kelakar,
it was four years later for me to know these.
My point is,
berhati-hatilah dengan siapa kamu membenci, memaki segala, you'll never know what's gonna happen in future :)

I've wrote about this kind of thing (with different girl) too before in What a small world.
Happy Reading. Eh eh eh, dont judge please. Alahh, just judge me je lah.
Siapa lah yang tak pernah messed up kan?

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