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Thursday, June 21, 2012

What A Small World

Odor Fighter

Hey, I wonder should I published this or what.
Please read this with an open heart and mind ya.

This was happened few years ago. I was involved with someone.
I dont even know he was in another relationship, other than me.
I was play-play lah at that time, not even that serious pun.
But, what I did not know is he is serious.

Up to the limit, he even leave the another lady.
I did not know this.
Until one find day, I received a call from this lady =)

Yeah, you can expect what kind of conversation we have lah hoh.
Of course she went crazy and scold me.
I am the innocent one, right. I did not know all this.
Eh, its a long-distance relationship okay.

This lady, eh young lady is younger than both of us.
A bit spoiled and cengeng.
Not just threw me with harsh words, even wanted to see me personally
so she could slap me at the face!

I am not that stupid lah to sorong myself to be slap by this emotionally unstable lady kan
So, I gave her an advise ( a good one), explaining the whoooooooole story, and..
changed my number! *kehkehkeh jahat gila

I never heard any from both of them since then.

But, today.
Hiks *gelaknakal

I just happen to meet her in cyber world ;)
I bumped into her blog, gila.

And, there you goes, she did wrote about that incident few years ago
I read read read read without realize it was me whom she wrote about

How do I know it was me?
She mention a line of words I spoke to her before.

Now you know how funny this virtual world can be kan.

What a small small world.

PS : They broke up months after that. See, if it was not because of me, you guys still breakup juga apa. I am mean.


nonny said...

eh aku sdg main itu odor fighter..maklumlah pengguna libresse tegar ni hehehe.. apa blog dia ? mo baca hihihi

rose farina said...

dayah, send la link blog dia. mau juga baca.hiks!

rose farina said...

dunia memang kecil pula aah.
dayah, bagi aku link blog dia juga. hiks!


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