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Monday, August 26, 2013

Are you sure you wanna hear the answer?

As Salam dan hai,

The other day, during kenduri, the grandma asked me :

" kenapa kau nda sambung belajar di KL dulu, macam Ahai? "

Hahaha aku gelak dulu berabis k.

Isn't you were the one yang dissapproved me? As far as I can recall, I was thinking to do packing that time, ready to kickstart my life in a new environment, and you came and said NO. Bukan kah?

You said to me, belajar dimana pun sama sahaja, that we didnt have much money to send me there. Bukan kah?

I remember that.
I always remembered that.

Because I remember how I cried at night looking at my shattered dream. Keep on thinking, why am I the one yang selalu kena sacrified to satisfy your heart.

And that lead to my rebellious days and grumpy face when you were around. Because I just think that someone whom left us to be with another man doesnt deserve to get a piece of my life, and even my heart.

But its okay.
The past is done.
It doesnt matter now.
Thats the reason for the fake-smile and less-smile faces of mine.

Itu saja.
Jadi aku memang malas mau cakap hal lepas secara berdepan. Jadi, aku bermohon janganlah tanya soalan yang kamu pasti nda suka dengar jawapan dia. Janganlah coba menyemarakkan api yang sudah malap ya.

My bad. My mistake.
I sincerely apologize.
And youre forgiven.


Ps. Janganlah judge saya. Anda tak  walk in my shoes :)

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