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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Sunday as in 7th Ramadhan.

Hi peeps. As you're reading this, dont be surprised with the font in my belog. I am writing from my home sweet home via Ainal's broadband. I rarely post anything from home, dirumah saya memang tiada masa ber-broadband segala. But today is different, I am online since I have to finish key-in something into systems and submit my claim. Ya, it's 7th and it is the cut line to submit. Kalau tidak, sia-sia saya teaching itu hari =)
As posted in FB, I woke up at 10am in the morning. Quite a relief. Especially bila kau bangun jam 6pagi setiap hari untuk pergi kerja, these included Saturday too. I also finished reading the Confessions of A Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. 500 pages of e-book. Done in a day.
And to be honest, I almost break my fast today. I had tonsil in throat T_T Imagine itu. Rasa sangat haus. I almost fainted, itu tidak termasuk saya headache telinga dan kepala sakit. So, that's how I ended up habis baca e-book itu =)
But, at the end saya mampu bertahan hingga sungkai. Pheww. Tapi Bob suda warning; JANGAN LAGI MINUM AIR SEJUK. T_T
I had my panadols just now, sekarang dah berpeluh-peluh tanda ubat dan memberikan reaksi. Saya ingat nak pergi Permai, ambik ubat dan MC. But then suddenly something across my mind. I just could not take a break- an offday-leave or whatsoever. Not in this crucial moment. Kak Tiny is going to leave us. This week is her last week. So, I need to ensure a smooth hand-over. Plus, tomorrow we have this Sze Yi Association taking FBT class.
You know, how I always planned to leave the company kan. Well, funny things just happened. I had a better offer from a company. I have not decided anything yet. How I used to make jokes with Kak Tiny, that who's gonna replace me if I'm leaving? This time, maybe the jokes just suddenly jadi kenyataan. Well, saya masih mempertimbangkan semuanya =)
Gotta go. Blackout here in Kinarut. Lappy lack of power. Menyesal saya tidak charge dari tadi. SESB, tolonglah kasi hidup ini karan pls pls pls T_T

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