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Monday, March 26, 2012

The DSOLG Chique(s)



Yeah, we (me and the girls) formed our own FB Group. Open only to the seven of us. Look at the pictures up there (showing the members), tinggal aku dengan Elmo je free-hair. Aku rasa dalam team kami ni pandai menjangkit-jangkit. Dulu, lepas Adeq engaged, berturutan kami engaged. Paling rapat, time kahwin. Adeq kahwin February 2010, followed by Gma a month later, aku kahwin May 2010, lepas tu Pye September tu. Hohoo Untuk makluman, Elma & Ieda dalam phase bertunang. Jani saja single, but not available.  Tapi, si Elma ni pun dalam fasa manis betul neh, lagi beberapa bulan mau kahwin. Bulan 5 ni. Belum dapat official card. But, who needs an invitation card, when you’re bestfriend. Oh, antara the girls semua, Elma adalah bff kitew sejak tadika. Wiwiit.


Satu lagi yang menjangkit-jangkit neh adalah hijab. Dulu, Jani saja yang berhijab. Lepas Pye kahwin, dia terus pakai juga. Januari baru ni, Adeq pun berhijrah, followed by Gma few weeks ago, and Ieda a week after Gma. Tinggal aku dengan Elmo sahaja. Insya-Allah. Perkara baik begini apa salahnya ikut-mengikut kan. Me and Elma, ya Insya-Allah. Doakan yang baik-baik.


Jadi, saya tinggalkan anda dengan gambar-gambar Once Upon A Time..



Me. and Elmo. Bff cum childhood friend. Awww.



Magic part ; we all married to the guy in this photo. This was taken back in 2006/07, maybe. How long was that?

And Jani is as lonely as that. STILL -_-  Hohoo



Full Set of DSOLG : (Back from left) Jani, Gma, Ieda. (Front from left) Adeq, Elma, Pye, Dayz


And this was the photo I love the most, sobs;


WHY? Though my eyes looks like shit, and all faces looks oily, I can feel the energy and happiness here.

Taken masa Pye spent us for dinner di Grace Court in 2008/09. Maybe.




In case you’re wondering, why Ieda not in most of the photos; that’s because




PS : WHY SUDDENLY THE BIL WEDDING DATE DIAWALKAN? It clash with Elmo’s wedding tahu. T__T Pffft.


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