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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From One To Twenty


If you notice, last two weeks I did not posted much entri. I have been busy for the whole two weeks. Busylah sangat. Haha So, lets see what I did last two weeks ah..


Went to Rose’s Wedding at Kota Belud

( Eh, look at this picture. Simbolik tau tau. Side mirror adalah Bea dan tunang, di hadapan adalah Kok)





( Dad’s got promoted. hey, I’ve heard bff dad’s too.)



Entertaining E-Desa Marak-Parak person

(more to ‘jaga’ lah kot.These view from their room in Likas Square.

Our office adalah di bawah kolam dan taman itu. Cool!)




Lunch with colleagues at Pizza Hut, Damai

(Me, Za, Siti, Mas, Fendy and Kok)



Lunch with family at Gayang Seafood

(they’re moving to a new larger space okay)






Report writing sambil watching Kal Ho Na Ho by Pretty Zinta and SRK



Lunch with colleagues at Singapore Chicken Rice, Karamunsing

(Me, Siti, Kok and Fendy. I ordered a weird combination for lunch; Spicy Sambal Chicken Rice, Blackpepper Chicken and 3-layers Tea C. Who drinks Tea Tarik ketika lunch? Damn. Terus loya aku.)




Dating with husband



Trying Tutti Fruity for the first time

(Nasib banyak baca review orang seperti disini, jadi mine only RM 10.30.  Only took Vanilla and Chocolate.

And put some choco chips too. Husb wasn’t into it. After that, we went for Chicalicious for two at MarryBrown. Gulp.)





Bowling With Colleagues

Preparation for Inter-Company Competition. Inter-company adalah our sister company, means our boss punya other company. Some of the staff, memang sudah biasa sebab selalu nampak kalau ada meeting ke apa kan.  Chinese are like that, that’s how they succeed. Eh aku pun baru notice Eaton, Dunco and Signature adalah boss punya adik beradik punya company. Ah, nantilah cerita pasal ni kalau rajin. Heehee The sister companies are; Globinaco, Arusawit, Planetary (Pernah dengar Insight Sabah?) and Likas Square Condotel. Tapi, kami berharap pada Nonny lah untuk kemenangan. Hohohoh



Alisha adalah good girl. Can sleep inside alley. Hebat!






Last two week, I teached on Sunday. Last week and this Sunday I’m on Sunday shift..



That’s all folks.


PS: Sometimes I feel like I’m a superwoman. Because, after I went back from shift last Sunday, the first thing I do is cleaning our bathroom and cooking. Wehh, hebat. Oh, jangan tanya laundry. Laundry is on husband. But the rest is on me.

PSS: But, yes sometimes I do feel tired.

PSSS: My Bff Ieda, has lost her abah on March 1 ;( She called me at 6am. I have not wake up masa tu. Bila bangun jam 7 (yes, saya bangun jam 7 pagi, hoho), nampak 4 miscall(s). Dua dari dia, another two from Gma, the other bff. I immediately called Ieda first, thought dia mau ikut pergi office. Tapi, dia sambut dengan teresak-esak, telling me ‘abah sudah tiada’. My tears dropped. Uncle was such a good person to us. Selalu sambut dan layan kami dengan baik when we went to their house. Aku selalu lepak rumah Ieda dulu, selalu bawa dia pergi kbox, and sent her home. Uncle always told me to send his regards to my dad. They’re friends too, schoolmate. T_T Tapi Ieda strong bah. Don’t cry.


Anonymous said...

Kirim salam sama Kok, Daniel sm Herman noor. sumbung suda dorang sama sa. hahaha.


anangmusnee@mama3j said...

aku x pernah tengok kal ho na ho tapi aku suka lagunya


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