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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

He’s Rock


While watching Mania last week,


Dad : Who is this Ahmad Dhani? Kenapa semua eager/excited dengan dia?

Me : Ahmad Dhani bah tu, pak.

Dad : Siapa tu?

Me : Lagu Dealova caller tune bapa tu, penyanyi dia dulu satu kumpulan lah sama Ahmad Dhani ni. Dewa.

Dad: Oh, Dewa 18, 17 tu.

Me : Dewa 19 lah, pak. Tu yang penyanyi Teman Tapi Mesra tu, yang dua orang tu, itu bini dia.

Dad : Yang mana satu?

Me : Dua-dua. Mula-mula dia kahwin sama Maia. Lepastu baru sama Mulan.

Dad : Oh, yang itu tu.

Me : Tu yang lagu famous dulu tu, ‘Aku bukannya Superman’ tu, anak-anak dia lah yang nyanyi.

Dad : Ohh.


That’s how I explained who Ahmad Dhani is.

And, last sunday, I saw him update his status on Facebook, yes both my mother and my father have Facebook account. My father and mother in laws too. They even asked me to teach them using Twitter. Oh my. Can you imagine that?


Oh by the way, wanna know what my dad posted last Sunday?


“Putatan jem gilerrr.”




My dad said ‘giler’?


Now, who’s the young-hearted one? =.=’

1 comment:

"LeEn Jasary" said...

jiwa masih muda ba wie... hihihi~


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