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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Is It Wave Cloud?



Taken from traffic light, Petagas at 8.10 am 12/06/12.



Taken along highway to KK City. 12/06/2012


Hujan lebat, angin kuat, that is so sudden. Tadi aku on the way pergi office hujan lebat, tengahari aku out for lunch it was sunny, 30 minutes after that tiba-tiba angin kuat and hujan tiba-tiba. Tak pasal-pasal aku berlari dari STC pergi Likas Square. Sup pun nda jadi tapau. Ah ruginya.


PS : Husb is sick since yesterday. But noon he came over for lunch, though he knew I already had my lunch. Dia makan dalam 10 minit after that went home. I was so worried, he was supposed to rest at home if sick lah. Dia cakap boring, hari ni offday. Actually I am the one who sick, with flu and cough. Jangkit lah tu. Sebab dia kasi ketawa aku bersin balik-balik kan. Hoh.

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