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Monday, June 18, 2012

No, Its Not Good


Hai lovelies.


Husb Most people said; I am mean. They don’t get why am I that mean. This ‘mean’ attitude came in a package – with hard headed and stubborn thingy. I can make you feel annoying much, because of my words. Some times, I just didn’t know how to tone down my words, especially when I have been keeping it for so long. I just spoiled your day, isn’t it?


So, few weeks ago I had this big fight with a colleagues. I was pissed of, hurt, mad, angry all in the same time. It all burst out to that person. Will not blame myself 100%, it was he who started it first. I was not expected that kind of attitude came from a friend, a good friend actually who has been with me for 3 years. After all the ups and down, that’s how you treat me eh?


We have not been talked for almost erm..uh..maybe 2 weeks? Oh my god, is it really two weeks?! Astaghfirullahhalazim..


No wonder I feel pain and burden much in heart. Sampai I dreamt of that fellow. We have lost Jack, what if we lost him pula? Okay fine. I was exaggerating thing. HAHAHA


When first I told husb about this few weeks ago, he was shocked, why are you guys gaduh? I thought you guys good friend. Plus, boy cannot gaduh with girl lah, sayang. Yes, I have fight with a boy lah. Until this date, husb did not know that I have not been spoken with him for two weeks. If he knows, he will definitely go membebel to me macam gila lah. Dengan rolling eyes segala. Uhh, tak sanggup.


To tell you the truth, I was not being mad for the whole weeks lah. That day I hambur ayat, that was the only day I get really mad. The rest, I already lupa about it. Kehkehkeh


I’ll make it up with him, soon. Depends on my mood and my busy-ness. Lets try be a nice girl.


Have a nice monday, everyone!


PS : I seldom get mad, I’d rather keep it. But, once it burst out, nah there you go.

PSS : On that very day, I did tweet a lot about my feeling. Ona told me, this would passed.

PSSS : I never know that staff(s) in this room knew this. I know we fight in front of everybody, sampai semua diam je. But, I did not know that they realize we have not been spoken to each other since that T_T Malunya. Macam anak kecil lah.

PSSSS : The truth is, sometimes when you get attached to a person, its hard to have a long fight like this. I just could not bare to avoid a friend. I was so guilty and disappointed over this sampai I call Kak Tini out of nowhere, asking for advise =’) She said, nanti kalau dia call aku, aku marah dia. HOHOHO Childish enough kan?

PSSSSS : Hey, cuba kamu dengar lagu Call Me Maybe. Syok!


"LeEn Jasary" said...

saya pun kadang2 mcm tu... tanpa sedar, nasib ada kawan2 sayang n tegur =)

Dayz J said...

Leen; we never had fight before. Gaduh biasa, yes. But this kind of fight, takpernah. Itulah awkward =(

Anonymous said...

"He"? 3 tahun? cm sa tau ja sepa tu noor..


Dayz J said...

Hahaha is it too obvious. Tak ramai staff lama kan kan. =')

Anonymous said...

Nda bgs tu kalo begitu. hari2 jumpa lagi tuh. kalo besar btl tu office, nda pa la jg. pusing2 ckit, nampak sda muka. haha.



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