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Friday, June 22, 2012

Personal Perspectives


Some people always think that I spill everything out in my writing, aite?

Actually not. If there one thing I could advise (told) those newcomer or those in blogging world, I would say; BEHAVE WITH YOUR WORDS.

Be you blog as anon too, dont write everything in this virtual world. Its virtual, anybody everybody could read it, sooner or later. You dont want your past past past writing suddenly became a point for other to hate you now.

Kindly, please dont write other people full name especially when you are talking about bad stuff. That 'other' people you mad with have family too, yo. In case you forgot. You might hate him/her, but it unnecessary to hurt all in the family.

Also, please use your brain instead of your mouth during voicing out your opinions. Please re-think again and again and again and again, and keep asking yourself sampai sejuta kali; whether what I am writing (and will be published and read by who-knows-who) is okay and fine with everybody? Will it hurt anybody? If you never think of that, do not be surprise being hated by anon.

What you publish now might okay for now, because that person you mention have not read it now. But, in the future? Especially bloggers in KK. We are connected virtually to each other.

I used to say this; this is my belog my territory, suka hati I lah nak tulis apa pun. But in terms of myself lah, I do not recall saying bad things about other. If I ever wrote it pun (if, ya) I will not disclose the name or anything related with that.

My entry will be 'ping' into my Facebook. I am real. I am connecting with real people whom I know in real life. I befriend those belog whom I know the owner (friends, or friends of friends of friends, but hey at least I know they're real and exist). Hence, I cannot make up the stories here and there. Its just a story from my perspective kan.

I just could not imagine live with so many hatred and enemies.
And thank God so far, I have no obvious enemy. Syukur.

PS : Kalau lepas ni signature aku ada 'xoxo' ok kah. Hehe =.='

PSS : I want to do some research on Cyber Act 1998. Tapi susahnya mau dapat link yang accurate. Help pls?

1 comment:

Eca Dwinky Asha said...

everyone deserve to have their point of view... :)


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