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Monday, September 19, 2011

Satu Soalan Tentang Private Belog.

Hai peeps.

Happy Monday.

Seberapa reliable kah sebuah private belog??

Is it possible for anyone to view it unaccidentally??

Private sepatutnya hanya owner dan authorised user yang granted access to view kan??

Hopefully. I mean bila kita buat private belog, of course we have our own reason not to share with others kan?

Will update on Retreat's Report soon.

Ahh hate monday. T_T

Tambah hate lagi sebab tadi ada budak primary school di Lab 5 panggil saya aunty.



Goshh. Am I look that old??!!..

1 comment:

Nonny Atika said...

so far private blog mmg teda access to thoise yg unauthorized.. ko mo kasi private ni blog ko? huhu..

pergh sy tidak tahan tu budak² lari2 depan RC tau.. tadi 1 kali sy tegur, kena JELING ah.. sabo jer la..

huhu..aunty ah.. ouch! haha


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