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Monday, November 21, 2011

Al-Fatihah: A childhood friend.

Just received the news. A childhood friend of mine passed away last night.

We were quite close before. When we were young. As time passes by, we move on, find a new circle of friend, live the life. Sometimes, when we bumped into each other, we exchange smile but no words talked. We grew up, that we did not have nothing in common to be share, I guess.

We attended each other wedding. Smile thinking of good memory shared previously when heard each other latest update. How time flies. How time flies.

I remembered the memory. But hardly recall the details. Guess I already forgot about us.

Dear friend, I pray you rest in peace. Thank you for all the good time we shared. I never said this before. Maybe I think I can thanked you when we bumped into each other when we are 80. You didnt make it. How do i know mine. Sigh.

Al fatihah to you.
RIP Irwan Jaslih
11.8.1983- 20.11.2011

That is why I remembered you, a childhood rakan mengaji.

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