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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Big Waist and ME.


My boss, just asked me to her room. And then sambil gelak-gelak dia tutup pintu. I thought mau naik gaji. Oii, berapa kali kau mau increment neh?? Lupakan.

So, conversation goes like this. Bear in mind that the boss asyik gelak sepanjang this situation okay.

G: Noor, I want to ask you something. I dont know why the boss is so concern..
M: Hrm?!
G: Dr Cannye asked me to asked you, ARE YOU PREGNANT?!
M: What? Hahahahahahah NO lah.
G: Are you sure? Have you checked?
M: Bhahaha No lah, miss.
G: She asked me, whether I notice that your waist is getting bigger.
M: (Still laughing) No lah. Maybe because I ate a lot this few months.
G: Are you sure? Have you period this month?!
M: Hahahahahahahah Impossible.
G: You check lah. Who knows? I also dont know why she is so curious.
M: Maybe she scared if I'm pregnant, I will resign. HAHA

You see?! Damn. Begitu gemuk kah saya?!
Sampai company director notice my big waist.
Oh people, just to clarify these. This lady is not yet pregnant, but please pray for that to happens =) Amin.

PS: I know. Almost all the colleagues married after me is a mother already. From Mas, June and Nonny. But, I have no pressure here to be one. I am thankful for what God has planned for me. This one year six months one week one day of being a wifey really improved me and husband relationship. We became more understood of each other character. Within this period, we both really enjoy our legal coupling life. Not just we get to honeymoon everyday *winkwink, but we managed to get our favourite stuff: the galaxytab, htc s, a new car, a freedom of being legal. Next in line, to build our own house. For sure, we'll never get to experience this if another way around. I am really being thankful here.

PSS : Yes I know lah. Memang I dah getting bigger. Takmuat dah jeans and some of the shirts (I hope my small shirt suits you, Jireh's kid). I realllllly need to exercise lah macam nih.

PSSS: Cant get over the pump shoes saw in Suria.

PSSSS: Ehh, I have extra since the car ccm start in Jan 2012. Some typo in agreement. Bhahhaha

You see, sometimes bila rezeki you not here, it must be there somewhere. Be thankful. Syukur.
At the end, when the day has come, I think we'll be okay.


Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

ko tingu bah..urang concern begnilah ni bikin aku rasa gemuk T__T

Dayz J said...

Aima; ha'ah. Sampai director notice ni T_T tiada lah bah gemuk sangat aku ni. biasa seja lah pun.


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