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Thursday, December 29, 2011

How B Was Spent.


If I am still happily single, I'll write this How I Spent My Bonus happily. Ok, I AM KIDDING.

First, you must know I am normal human being and husband too. We life to the simplest and modest everyday. As Ona said, keluarga baru mahu membina kehidupan dan baru mahu mengumpul aset. Yah, begitu. Dan makanya, mendapat bonus tidak lah begitu mengujakan sangat. Tidak banyak yang mampu di seronok kan.

Jadi, yang utama dalam fikiran saya adalah- untuk melangsaikan debts secepat mungkin. Supaya bulan-bulan gaji bersih tidak berkacau. As a wife to a government staff, yes we both makan gaji bulan, but there were time I took extra time to teach and get paid a bit. Lebih kurang satu perempat gaji bulanan saya. Husband too, there were time he get extra income bila masuk hutan. Bezanya, mine is monthly basis and will be paid by our company within 30days. While husband juga monthly basis but, lambat dapat sebab well-you-know-government-socalled-procedure. He will be paid terus tunggakan 3 bulan, kalau bernasib baik tapi entah lah bulan yang mana. There were time, dia dibayar for Jan Feb and April, March was skipped. I dont know why. Mystery.

Tapi, kami bersyukur dengan cara ini. Payday tidak sama hari langsung, selang dua minggu, so we get to cover enough. Cukup cukup makan. Our company payday, jarang di awal kan-- takira lah hujan ka ribut taufan ka krismas atau mana-mana perayaan besar, ia berjalan seperti biasa- before 7th mengikut ISO. While husband, akan diawalkan bila ada perayaan, tapi drawback nya-- period ke gaji seterusnya menjadi panjang. Jadi, kami amat mensyukuri that be both in opposite sector =')

Okey, berbalik kepada bonus. How do I spent it?

First, I immediate make full settlement of our motor. It was supposed to finish next July. But, we managed to finish it 7 months earlier. Syukur.

Second, I immediate pay the bills for the next 3 months.The ASTRO and my DIGI bills. We try to minimize our monthly paid  for that 3 months. So, until March we get enough time untuk biasakan diri dengan situasi kewangan terbaru. Remember, I just bought my Saga last month?? Due to some typo error in my agreement, I get to start pay the ccm on January. Maknanya, I guna kereta itu sebulan 'macam free'. Macam lah.

Third, we plan to buy a new bed. BED only. Just a simple one. Because our current bed, is not suitable for a couple. It's queen size. We both size anak gajah, so we plan to change it to King size. The one that we both could afford. But, seems like we need to postpone this number three.

Four, family treat or buy anything that give happiness for families. I was planning to take the family for lunch treat at Salut. But last week, husband and I didnt manage to spare the time as planned, yeah but the budget for that sudah burnt. SO DEAR FAMILY, BE PATIENT. Pffft. Pernah kah saya bagitau bahawasanya cuti lebih money-eating than working?? Yes it is.

Five, spend some quality time with husband. We checked-in into a resort (with pool one), spend the night romantically-- okay thats cheessssy gila. Serius mahu muntah. But then we managed to kidnap husband'  niece/nephew for swimming. Okay tipu lagi. Bukan swimming sebenarnya lebih kepada main air sahaja T_T

That's all. I didnt buy myself a fancy dress or makeup or any fancy thing, but happiness. The feelings to be surrounded by the families is heaven.

Oh by the way, we'll be going to KL again next May. On My birthday. On our wedding anniversary. Insya-Allah. The flight has been booked and the hotels too. Both paid. So, we only need to make some extra money for shopping, besides our duitkutu. Yes, we join this mainkutu but among trusted fellow, our turn will be just before we go for KL. Syukur.

There's few of my pending wishlist this year telah pun diforward ke 2012. I have so many in-hand plan for 2012. To be a better muslimah is one of it, Insya-Allah. Trying to conceive too, Insya-Allah. Work harder, and to earn more money too. Insya-Allah. And to always be thankful for what I earn today, syukur alhamdullilah. Alhamdullilah, even for the simple and little thing in life.

I keep reminding myself; dont just say it, act like one.

Till then, till meet.

PS: I passed the SPA exam. To my surprise, ada exam peringkat kedua. What...? I thought next level is ujian fizikal or interview or what kan T_T


N.Aima K said...

kami pun main kutu nih

She Wears Premium Beautiful said...

Dunno how I came across your blog but love reading it! Hopefully 2012 will bring you more happiness and prosperity.
Hop on to my blog. Who knows, you might find a way to get 2 bonuses in a year? ;)


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