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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

End-Year Leave Day#4

Salam semua nya. And hi too, peeps.
Perasan tak, time cuti-cuti begini I looks relax and enjoy je kan. Well, I am :)

Yesterday, I spent my whole day in FIL' house. Doing some housechores and yeah playing with the kids. Alink sick, just like me. Been on and off sick for the whole week. Amoi outstation to Sandakan, si inlaws house sedikit sunyi. Sedikit saja, since Achai still in kan.

Bila Amoi dan Achai bergabung, suara mereka akan gegarkan satu rumah. Especially with the present of Amoi. Suara dia nyaring gila. When she talked to me, she'll speak so damn loud as if I was a kilometres away from her. Sikit lagi mau jadi yelling.

Petang, I forced Bob to accompany me to clinic. Ya, saya risau lah demam dah seminggu tak kebah. Most of the clinic were closed. Permai Putatan buka, tapi we were asked to wait for an hour. The doctor went to teatime --

Last last kami pergi Baharin saja. I scanned a bit the doctor workstation to see what he's doing before ada patient. Weird huh.

Sebab, there was once I went into a clinic ni, I saw the doctor sedang playing diner dash kot. Masa dia consult I, game tu been paused. Dalam hati I kata, mesti dia annoy dengan I sebab I jenis banyak tanya bila jumpa doktor. I akan tanya kenapa mengapa bagaimana dan sebagainya, bhahahaha Annoying tak? Mesti doktor tu taksabar tunggu I habis sebab sikit lagi dia nak reach expert goal kot. Haha

But yesterday I saw Doktor Baharin tu tengah baca Quran dan terjemahannya via web :) Jika dia berkeyakinan pada penciptanya, saya pun ada keyakinan pada dia.

By the way, I was given antibiotik. Mungkin sel pertahanan badan I weak sangat kot -
- Doktor kata cuaca tak menentu adalah puncanya. Tapi sampai seminggu?!...

Malam, we had visitors from Japan. Mum's colleague, Amy and her 3 friends. Amy was sent by Japan Gov to assist us in pemuliharaan environment. Agaknya lah. She was a volunteer for KKBS. Mum has this hobby to bring her international volunteer friend come to the house and taste some kampung dishes. Padahal kami makan bukannya kampung dishes mana pun -_-

I cooked Ikan Kerisi Goreng with Sambal Belacan, Sambal Udang, Dada Ayam Masak Kicap dan Sayur Lembiding Masak Belacan. The chicken is a bit hangus sebab I terleka main dengan Hairee, bhahahahahaha

Mum bought Sate Daging. We serve local fruits as desserts: tarap, durian, and manggis. Some carrot cake and durian cake from Mrs Nancy Lim too.

The funniest part, they all complimenting how delicious the dishes are. But I dont know which one they like. Mungkin sate kot??! Hahaha They looked at me disbelief when mum told I cooked it all, okay except for the sate lah.

Thats all for now. I'm typing this as I wait outside husband' workplace. He got SBPA briefing inside so I tunggu dalam kereta je.

Bai. Have a nice day all.

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