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Monday, December 26, 2011

End-Year Leave Day#3

Hai. And salam too :)
This was supposed to be post in the morning. Guess I was too saddened (curious to be exact) with the death of a person in TwitterJaya.

FirdHeder died due to accident last night at 8pm. His girlfie ohhhhnis seems could not cope with the lost and a bit down. When you are in twitter, you knowlah you will seems to know a person virtually.

Knowing their life, in this case he tweets before the accident. Read their tweets by using this hashtag #alfatihahfird. And, recite some AlFatihah too for him okay. We all may need it too. For sure.

Yesterday, on my 3rd day cuti, we spent it at BBR. Husb went home to pick Ahchai, then we went for breakfast at the Cabana. The breakfast was so-so, okaylahh not too excite pon. After breakfast, Bob terus heret Ahchai mandi pool. Kids, biasalah mesti excited kan. Nak lagi ada slide (gelungsur), nahh tambah lah dia suka.

Luckily, I thought Achai macam most kid I knew, yang takmau stop mandi pool. But he's different. Dalam half hour terus dia sendiri ajak naik. Sejuk dia bilang. Masuk bilik, sambung mandi di tub. Lepastu dia tanya, 'Rumah siapa kita singgah ni?' Haha :)

After checkout, we had lunch at KFC yoo. Lepastu pergi makan jeruk Tg Aru. Sotong bakar with lada and kicap plus mangga lebar is a MUST. Within a week, I bought it 3 times already. Woha.

Thats all for now. Will update the 4th day soon.

Have a nice day :)

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"LeEn SoFtOuCh" said...

mari update2 pasal cuti2... best ! =)


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