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Friday, December 16, 2011

What Are You? Six?!

Man, i couldnt tolerate with this kind of attitude. This is workplace, its a serious business. You dont do fun all the time. ALL THE TIME.

Okey fine. I am the type of lame worker. I work hard and seriously. I treat no jokes while on duty on task. I just hate it when people play all the time. Guys, were not kiddo. Were adult -_-

We have this so called responsibility. You cant just messed up and say sorry all the time. In this adult life, you have to be very responsible of any of your actions, and sometimes have to responsible for other people's action too.

No, my work is not fun, but my life is. Kerja is kerja, you must know that. Stop giggling at work. Stop joking around like shit. Please remember we're not hiring any clown here.

Macam? Ada gaya boss kah bagi ucapan begitu? Bhahaha

Ps: no offense. Its always fun to make fun of people, aite? Nitey everyone.

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