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Friday, December 02, 2011

How Fast Are You At Typing?!


Jom main taip taip jom?!

Blogwalking and jumpa this web. It calculate how fast are you at typing. I dont know the standard average speed for typing, so I google it here.

Speed of typing dikira sebagai w.p.m (word per minute). Dalam seminit dapat taip berapa patah. If perkataan terlalu pendek, two of it will consider as one word. Kalau terlalu panjang, consider two words.


I run = 2 short words = 1 word dalam wpm
Rhinoceros = 1 long word = 2 word wpm

Interesting kan?

Average typist, according to wiki, the speed will be 50-80 wpm. Advance typist boleh reach 120 wpm. 120 pm is like 1 word per minute. Gila laju eh. The fastest typing speed ever is 216 wpm, was achieved by Stella Pajunas-Garnand from Chicago in 1946. Hebat!? T_T

SO, u guys can try pergi link speed test ni, and try to beat me. Eleh, senang senang je lah aku neh boleh kena challenge. 51 saja pun T_T My first attempt, I dapat 46 saja T_T

Screen shot of the web. Eh plis lah abai kan tab yang banyak tu. I am googling some formal name for several people. Ada yang dah dapat datuk, but in official site of sabah's government still be wrote as encik. You see, some people reluctant to accept the invitation if you miss their datuk-ship in paper. Oh that's another story. Nevermind.

Follow the number ah. I try to give you an explaination neh. Pls follow me. HAHA

1. Word to type. Font in red if you salah taip.
2. Typing field. This is where you place your cursor and start typing.
3. Timer. One minute only ah. The timer starts counting on first word entered.
4. To restart the game.
5. THE RESULT. Berapa words per minute typed.

Come on. Try this and really beaaaaat me, if you can.
Eh yang kerja dia memang typist dilarang beat me.

1 comment:

Cinoi said...

aku mauu tryyy. nnti aku share


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