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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Adakah Saya Menjengkelkan?


If you get to know me,
Would you think of me as annoying?

If you get to know me, personally,
Would you still think of me that way?

I can be quite annoying and irritating most of the time,
I know.
I can be quite a pusher too.
If I want it that way, then it is that way.

When some thing are on my shoulder, my responsibility,
Yes I will be very calculative and strict, and not complying,
Sebab it's me yang akan diheret sekiranya something happened.

So please dont blame me if I act that way.
That annoying way.
You should know I carry a lot of burden in my shoulder.

I dont want to be blame for something not mine.
I hate to answer something beyond my knowledge.

Plus, I hate it much when people arguing with me,
When you know it's wrong, please admit it,
please do not act as you know everything,
There are some thing we dont know,
even I too still have a lot to learn.

Please open your mind to suggestion and criticism,
We know there is always a room for improvement.

Have A Nice Day.

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