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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Curhat: burden is too much.

Belog-ing from phone.
Feel empty. Feel miserable.
Everything seems against me.
Very dissappointed with myself.
Why. What is wrong. Why me.
Why must me. What did I do wrong to deserve this.
Its unfair. Wasnt it enough what I been thru before. The stitches. The pain.

Now i feel sick. Headache. Depressed. Loser. Loser. And loser.

Tuhan. Maafkan kalau aku terlalu banyak meminta minta dalam doaku. Dalam hatiku.

Meanwhile, i stick to Plan A; fake the smile so no one know how it hurts inside. Semoga berjaya, dayah.

Shed your tears. NOW.

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