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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mission Accomplished: Finally!!

Hah!! Got it bebeh. Mission accomplished!..

Say me pathetic exaggerating ridiculous whatever, yes you named it peeps. There is nothing that could cheers me up than the fact that a 15,719 has been trained here. HERE.

15,719 (lebih 9 pax but that is fine.). A number is just a number, for you. I saw everything in this number. Tears, effort, laugh, cry, crazy, drama, June, Kak Tiny~ Gosh, I just extremely happy. Penat lelah keluar marketing, the drama dan semua nya kini flash back into memory.

Many thanks to all and the teams.
The staffs, the trainers, the assistant trainers, the participants.
We have this another 2 months to get enough rest, before start over for 2012.
We'll busy scheduling for 2012 classes already =.=

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