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Monday, October 31, 2011

Pete's Corner: Cheapest Chicken Chop In Town.

Hi Peeps.

From now on, I decided to do some improvement on this belog, less-crap thingy and more informational stuff to share. But with a condition. Kalau saya rajin lah, that is the condition. Peh, macam tipu je.

If I bought something, especially food, instead of saying it delicious yummy sedap dap dap, I'll try to mention its price too. I figure out this, because saw several belog mentioning food but did not mention the cost. So, when we try to go to the place recommended as delicious yummy sedap dap dap itu, we kinda pulled-back. Kita takut harga dia mahal tak masuk akal. Takmau lah bila dah gulp gulp telan liur tapi taktau harga tempat dan how to get that.

Fine Dayz we get it. =.=

Okay okay. Just now we had lunch at Pete's Corner. As usual, I ordered the same meal lah. I dah pernah dan selalu pergi sana sebelum neh, somewhere in this belog I did mention about this.

Nescafe Shake : RM 2.50

Chicken Chop Set with Black Pepper Sauce, RM 10.50.

Besides this, actually ada banyak lagi affordable western food here. Macam Beef Burger with Cheese, Mushroom Cream Soup, Lamb Chop. Fish juga ada. Price range for food is from RM 3.50 to RM 20. As for drinks, RM 1.50 to RM 3.50, juice pula RM 5.50. If you eager for juice, try the banana or mango. Gila sedap. Pfft. Gulp.

This place is easy to find; Next to Pasar Tani Asia City, behind Happy 2 (kedai sup paling sedap selepas Sofa). Dekat dengan Kedai RM2, berdepan dengan office ASB.

Is it informational enough? =)


Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

i want information about okeh?! ha ha ha

Nonny Atika said...

informational untuk yg blum pegi pete's corner..dan untuk yg mmg suka pegi dan lamaaa sdh x pegi.. sungguh menggamit hati!! hahaha..


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