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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Menangislah Dengan Sepenuh Hati.

Hai. Mesti selalu dengar saya mention lagu best ever neh kan.

Kali pertama dengar, terus rasa curious sebab k-pop industri filled with either girls group or boys group, tapi ini mix of five. Selalu nya dance group with fast beat, tapi yang ini balada harmoni.

So, I was like; relevant kah CS Number (December & J-Cera Feat. Airin & Yoonmi) neh??
Worth it.
Bila dengar lagu ni mesti rasa terngiang-ngiang di telingan dan minda. Lepas tu maksud lagu tu, memang deep. Terus saya stuck depan tv untuk baca satu-satu translation itu.  Enjoice.

English Translation :

Cry Out With My Heart And Soul

My love dear, stop there
I'm coming to you right now
I can't live without you for a day
I cry out with my heart

The person that I really loved
The person that was more precious than anything
The person whom I thought would stay next to me forever
Is leaving me

My heart hurts to death
I still only worry about you
The only person for me in this world
That person is leaving me

Things that I loved about you
The heart that cared about me more than anyone
I feel like you'd be standing if I turn around
But when I do, you're not there

Foolishly, not know my heart
That person is leaving me

My love dear, can you hear my words?
I'm crying like crazy right now
I'm sorry, I can't forget a single moment of you so
I call out your name

The person that I won't forget
Dear person who can't hear me

Where are you? Come back to me
I'm coming to you right now
Cause I feel like I will regret while living if not now
Cause I feel like you're the last love

Sumber: lirik & mp3

PS: Bob bilang apa fungsi girl yang satu tu, sebab mau dekat habis dia belum nyanyi pun. Rupanya dia nyanyi part ending =.=

PS, PS: Susah betul mahu cari lirik neh. Haritu dapat yang chinese seja. Nasib masih pandai baca mandarin T_T

PS,PS,PS : A postscript, abbreviated P.S., is writing added after the main body of a letter (or other body of writing). The term comes from the latin post scriptum, an expression meaning "written after"(which may be interpreted in the sense of "that which comes after the writing").

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