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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Sibling's TAG

How many biological siblings do you have?
3 brothers ONLY. As far as I know.

How many Step/Adopted Siblings do you have?
Urm. Have to ask my parent.

Are they older or younger than you?
Younger, but taller than me ='(

What number sibling are you?
First of four.

Are any of them married?
Yeap. My second siblings married. Same date as me.

Do any of them have children?
Not yet.

Where does everyone live?
Hrm. Me and the other younger two live with my parents. The second brother lives with his in-laws.

Do you get along with your siblings?
Of course. *wink wink*

How many brothers do you have?

How many sisters do you have?

Do you ever wish you were an only child?
Why would I??

Do you ever wish you could 'delete' one of your siblings?
Hahaha Definitely NO.

What are your sisters names?

What are your brothers name?
Didi, Ainal and Ahai.

Who has the nicest vehicle? What is it?
Didi!! He has a Honda City and Navarra =')

Do your siblings love you?
I bet they do.

Can you call them when you need something?
YES YES. 24/7 Available.

Do they remember your birthday?
SAD part. They're not. Few Years back..

DD: What's your password?
ME: My birthday.
15 Mins later..
DD: Hey, your account has been blocked.
ME: Why?
DD: I dont know. I insert password incorrectly three times. But, I only insert your birth date. How could it be wrong? 23 May, right?
ME: Damn!! 2oth la, idiot!

Did you play together when you were little?
Definitely. Sweet times.  Ride our bicyles into house. Haha

What was your favorite childhood game?
Besides as stated above? We like to STUDY. A BIG LIE. Haha

What mean things would you do to each other?
Well, DD has some difficulties with spelling in year 3. I used to be smarter than him. So..
ME: If you're so clever, spell PERPUSTAKAAN!
DD: Damn, you know I have not learn that word. That's not fair!!
Swore to God that was the only longest word I ever know that time. Haha

What is your favorite sibling memory?
Eat eat eat and cover each other crap.

Did you have to share a bedroom?
No. I get my own room since I was 6. The three of them share the same room. But, since 3 years ago, we managed to get our own room.

Did you share clothes?
Haha definitely not. I hate sharing. Even to the husband.

Did you feel your siblings didn't like you?
What kind of question is this? Ain't sibling should love each other? Its COMPULSARY.

Do you look like your siblings?
Do I have any option?

Do you have a favorite sibling?
Haha I seem to be closer to the third one. He resembles me quite a lot =')

Do you remember their birthdays?
Hrm. Dd 1 Sept 86, Ainal 23 Feb 90, Ahai 11 Nov 91. YES, I DO. *Pheww*

Do you hang out with them still?
Yeah, except DD. He's married and lives somewhere else.

Can other people tell you are siblings?
Hrm. Me and DD have almost similar name, Hidayat and Hidayah, so people at school use to ask us. And also, the other, because we have a unique father's name- - Jinal was a rare name, u know.

Did you go to school together?
Yes, not all. Me and DD went to SRJK c Kin Kiau together, while the younger two went to SK Pekan. But then, me and Ainal went to the same Uni - UNITAR, while DD and Ahai went to the same college - Politeknik KK.  BUT, we all went to the same secondary school -- SMK Kinarut.

Did you fight each other?
WOhh, NO la.

Did you tattle on each other a lot?
Ya sure sure. Me and Ainal gossips a lot. We talk everyday and anyday. Haha

Are you happy you have siblings?
OF Course!!

In order : Mum, Ahai, Ainal

Didi : Lebih kurang macam perut itu Marrybrown. Kan?

Here it is. On the left side. Mr Dad. Weehoo.

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