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Monday, June 20, 2011

I wish he remains two.

Sunday' evening..
SAYA: Hairee, jom pergi kedai.(dengan teruja)
HAIREE: Nda mau.
SAYA: Marilah, Kak Aewi belikan aiskrim. (juga penuh teruja.)
HAIREE: Rumah kami pun ada.  (lalu tinggalkan saya yang terkebil-kebil menunggu.)

Gosh, Hairee. I wish you were still 2. You look cuter when you talk less. Nampak lebih fun bila kau cuma digendong dan can only utterring. Kenapa kau besar betul sudah ini?? I missed those sweet days when you were so damn excited to follow me around, and sometimes even crying out loud when being left at home T_T Haihh. It looks like I should have my own kid asap =B

He was damn cute before T_T

We were much in-love before T_T

Aww heartthrob!

I need a Doraemon untuk kembalikan ke masa budak ini such a sweetheart. I'm in a hate-love relationship since dia tahu sebut 'NO'. And now, he only wants to play with Aqis and Kisha saja. T_T

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