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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why Qaseh won’t get her Angry Birds.

Have you guys played this game before?? I recently installed it into the tab =) I quit enjoyed it but won’t let my Qaseh to play it. Ohh Qaseh is my future daughter name *amin*

Let’s say, this game last until Qaseh born and long enough until her finger can mess with touch mummy’s phone/tab/laptop etc *aww sweeeet*; I STILL WONT LET HER PLAY THIS GAME.
And Qaseh are not allowed to seek for any game tips from her naughty aunt Elmo. No no no~ OR mummy shall cut your allowance, hehehe
Why not allowed? Because I’m your mother and I said so,* since at that time I’m a mother then I am allowed to use that words, kehkehkeh Gila kuasa punya mummy.*
Reason # 1: I won’t teach my daughter to release her angry-ness into breaking stuff. It’s okay to get angry, but no breaking crashing stuff attitude is allowed.
Reason # 2 : I don’t want to instill violent trait into my kids. It’s not healthy. You can’t hit people or animals just because you had fun doing it. *Though I agree, those pigs are realllllllly annoying*
Reason # 3 : It’s a P-I-G. Need to say more?
I don’t want to be pulled into school’s office because my daughter hit a pig in real life. Later this conversation akan kedengaran;
M: Qaseh honey, why are you hitting on the pig??
Q: Because I used to hit it in the game.
Okay, get back to work Dayz!!~ You are over reacting and terlampau berimaginasi.

1 comment:

Nonny Atika said...

husband & I are addicted to Angry Birds!bahaya oh kan klu budak2 kasi incorporate isu dalam Angry Birds to real life hahahaha... never really thought of it that wya.. nice one!


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